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  • An Octoroon

    An Octoroon

    Definition Theatre

    Branden Jacobs-Jenkins' deconstruction of Dion Boucicault’...

  • As You Like It

    As You Like It

    First Folio Theatre

    Poor, unlucky Orlando is forced to escape to the woods of Ar...

  • At The Table

    At The Table

    Broken Nose Theatre

    FOUR STARS! "One of the most riveting shows of the theater s...

  • Barbecue


    Strawdog Theatre Company

    A modern American family uses a summer barbecue as a pretext...

    New Work
  • Bible Bingo

    Bible Bingo

    Nuns4Fun Entertainment

    From the co-author of LATE NITE CATECHISM, BIBLE BINGO is a ...

  • Blue Man Group

    Blue Man Group

    Blue Man Group

    Blue Man Group is a wildly popular entertainment phenomenon ...

    Performance Art
  • DateMe: An OKCupid Experiment

    DateMe: An OKCu...

    UP Comedy Club

    38 "undateable” profiles were placed on the world’s most...

  • Disney's Aladdin

    Disney's Aladdi...

    Broadway In Chicago

    Aladdin, adapted from the Disney film and centuries-old folk...

  • Fight City

    Fight City

    The Factory Theater

    In the dystopian future of 2077 women dominate the new world...

    New Work
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